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FREE printer for 3 years
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ZercoPrint provide zero cost printer lease solutions.
No monthly fees or hidden costs
– you only pay for the toner you need.

SAVE thousands of £’s on your business printing requirements

FREE printer
for 3 years

Choose your printer(s), which you keep for 3 years absolutely free, from our HP & Canon range


We deliver your selected printer(s) directly to your address– free of charge

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get printing!

You set-up your free printer(s)
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Enjoy extended
3 yr warranty

Don’t worry about maintenance, we’ve upgraded your printer warranty from 1 year to 3 years – at no additional cost to you

Printer replacement
in 24 hours

If over the 3 years your printer fails
we will simply send you a new replacement within 24 hours – again absolutely free

Save £’s
on ink toners

Replace your ink toners, as and when you need them, via our online portal – we provide the lowest toner prices in the market

After 3 years we replace all your printers
with new models FREE of charge and you continue
to make great savings for another 3 years.

How’s that for a great business deal?

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A range of quality printers to choose from
– at zero cost to you

By teaming up with HP and Canon we can offer a range of printers absolutely FREE together with a three-year warranty at no additional cost to you.
  • Our printer hardware solutions are designed around your business requirements
  • Enjoy huge cost savings on your print backed up with our full support
  • No monthly costs or hidden fees
  • Ink toner with the lowest prices in the UK – guaranteed!
Selection of Canon and HP Printers

Free printer + 3 yr warranty x 3 years = £0 cost = £££££ savings

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We’ve helped a wide selection of businesses and organisations save money with our printing solutions

Free printers for schools


Free printers for doctor's surgeries and healthcare businesses


Free printers for the public sector including schools and colleges

Public Sector

Printers for the finance industry


Printers for solicitors and lawyers

Legal & Accounting

Printers for the Corporate Sector



“ZercoPrint print solution has helped save us £1.5k. They have always been highly transparent and trustworthy. I would recommend them to any company that has any kind of printers.”

Chris Butler, IT Manager, Riverside Surgery
High Wycombe

Our customers include

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Free Printers for the NHS

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