ZercoPrint provide print solutions to doctor surgeries and the NHS

Imagine never having to…

Order Toner

Hold toner in stock

Know which toner you need

Deal with another toner supplier, ever again…

Dispose of toner


Zero cost, cutting edge printers from one of the world’s leading manufacturers
Wireless enabled, ceramic roller printers that don’t need drums, capable of duplex printing and scanning
Printers that are quicker, quieter and more efficient and come with onsite warranty and support
Full onsite support to keep your printers running smoothly and correctly configured
Support with a 4hr onsite response time, 7 days a week from 8 in the morning to 8 at night

Don’t imagine: Welcome to ZercoPrint

About Us

“If you aren’t doing anything new, your only option is to do it better”

Jo Dalton, CEO, ZercoPrint.

ZercoPrint has been created specifically to provide unparalleled service together with lower costs than ever to Doctor Surgeries and other NHS organisations for all things print.
Here’s how we do it:
Printers & Toners:
By partnering with industry leader Canon we bring a new approach to your printing needs. We absorb the procurement, management and maintenance of your printers as a complete service. In conjunction with Canon we supply all your printers free of charge and guarantee the ongoing toner costs will be the lowest in the UK. These Canon printers then go on to form the backbone to the ongoing support we offer.
Autoship: Never order or stock toners again.
The key to that support backbone is our monitoring of your printer through a small piece of software called ‘Autoship’. Autoship has been specifically built to discover the printers on your network and report back to ZercoPrint each night with an update on all toner levels. When any printer’s toner level reaches 15% remaining Autoship will trigger the process to automatically ship you the correct fresh toner you need, addressed to the specific printer, before you know you need it. When one of your Doctors tell you their printer is out of toner the correct replacement will already be with them. Also, since we don’t charge delivery for our toners, it doesn’t matter how often this occurs.
All the printers come with a 3-year warranty and a refresh window. After 3 years, if you’re happy, we’ll repeat the whole updating process again, totally free of charge.
Onsite Support:
If you have a problem, whether it be a printer offline or a printer failure, our support will be onsite to fix it. Our commitment is an onsite response time of 4 hours, 7 days a week from 8AM to 8PM
Your costs:
The only costs you incur in this entire process is the ongoing costs for the toners themselves. Everything else is taken care of.
Ultimately what you get from all this is a managed approach to your printers that frees up your time and attention for other things. You gain the very best in hardware, monitoring and support, all from a single source, with a dedicated system that’s specifically designed to take all this off your hands and do it for you, so you don’t have to.

The Process

If you are interested in becoming another highly valued customer of ZercoPrint here’s the order of events:

Initial meeting
We come out and walk you through the whole proposition and ensure expectations are accurately set on both sides.
Book a consultation
Site Survey:
When you go ahead, we will conduct a thorough site survey which includes consideration of every aspect of implementing the new solution; including physical set up, as well as full configuration and testing. We will need temporary admin access to your server and we’ll even provide the form you need to request that access from the CSU.
Having booked an installation at a time convenient to you, which we understand for many surgeries will be out of hours, we’ll arrive, install and configure your new printers. We’ll remove and recycle your existing printers, according to governance guidelines, and dispose of all the packaging from your new units. As part of this process we also set up the naming convention of the printers (eg Room 10) to ensure that ‘Autoship’ knows where to send your toner replacements when required.
Tech Onsite:
When the installation is complete, we’ll also be onsite for the first day to ensure there is technical assistance available for the new solution. In our experience this is rarely required, but we want to be on hand to be certain.

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