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Five reasons why your school should use ZercoPrint’s print management solution

It’s not easy to run a school, especially in today’s age of digital technology where paper and print costs are high. However, it would be difficult to give children the education they need without access to a decent printing system.

This is where a great print management solution through ZercoPrint could help you, here are five reasons why every school needs one:

1. You’ll get the best printer for your school’s needs
Whilst it’s easy to choose printers based on speed and quality, it is equally important to consider how expensive the toner cartridges are to replace, and whether cheaper, high-capacity versions are available. Not only this, but it’s also important to consider how energy-efficient the printer is … if the energy consumption is high, it will cost your school more in energy bills.

This is where ZercoPrint comes in. By partnering with HP, we are to offer a range of business quality printers completely free of charge, with a three-year-warranty at no additional cost – we also supply toner at the lowest prices in the UK! We can send everything to your school completely free of charge and set up your printers, so they are good to go. Additionally, if your printer fails we will simply send you a new replacement within 24 hours. This means you will not only be saving money, but you will be saving a lot of time if your printer breaks – offering a fast replacement service means that you can continue your classes as normal.

2. You won’t have to worry about print servers crashing
High volume printing and queue mechanisms must be able to handle high-intensity jobs, particularly in schools. Yet, due to this kind of print activity, print servers can often crash. Therefore, it is important to have a print management solution that will not buckle under pressure.

At ZercoPrint, the HP printers we offer are powerful and versatile with a range of functions, some of which are more commonly found on larger and expensive printers. They are perfect for schools, since they have a consistent level of print performance and if they were to break down, ZercoPrint would be able to deliver your replacement the very next day.

3. Your students will be able to use a range of devices to print from anywhere on campus
When students are moving between classrooms, sometimes between different buildings across campus, they will need to be able to access printers from multiple devices to print. Print management solutions for Universities and other educational institutions must account for highly mobile, location varied printing.

The printers we offer at ZercoPrint allow you to print from a variety of smartphones or tablets, some even offer wireless-direct printing from mobile devices without accessing the company network – such as the HP M252dw. This way, your students will be able to print whilst on the go between different classrooms, thus saving time and hassle.

4. You’ll be assured that your printer is secure and protected
With the embedded print security features on HP printers – whether in a school or university – you can be rest assured that your printer will be safeguarded from attacks. For example, HP’s secure boot feature works behind the scenes when your printer power is on, it also validates the integrity of the boot code each boot cycle, ensuring the code is HP-signed and genuine. Plus, all firmware updates are validated so only authentic, known-good HP codes – digitally signed by HP – are loaded onto the device. Similarly, the ‘run time code’ feature helps protect devices while they are operational and connected to the network protecting your printer from malicious codes. Therefore, wherever you are based, if you have one of our HP printers you will no longer have to worry about their security or reliability.

5. It takes the stress away…
With the increasing demands of the digital age, it means that when things go wrong there is not always a quick fix. If you have the support of a good management system, it can help to take the stress away. For example, as previously mentioned, at ZercoPrint we would be able to replace your printer the very next day if need be, or alternatively, you could always contact us if you were to have any issues involving your model. Additionally, our one to three-year warranty uplift instead can help save you a lot of money – at no additional cost. What more could you ask for?
If you are interested in starting your print management solution with us today, you can contact us at 0800 066 2134 or alternatively via [email protected]


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